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Management Principle
 Provide the highest quality machines and services that delight our customers
Operating Policy
 To keep our customers trust, we keep continue developing challenging mind and high ability.
Managerial Goal
 Keep prosperity with good cooperation of our customers, business partners and our employees.

At the beginning of every new year, we post a word on our wall (Kanji character) to focus on for the year.
This year 2022 we chose 『 (Hiraku) 』- which means "Create".
■ Message from The President ■■■

We want to create a new path with our own effort. With that in mind, I decided on one letter (Kanji character) this year.
This is also used for SUN-TEC catch phrase "Innovation for Lamination (means Lamination technic create the future).

Since last October, A new mutant strain called Omicron-type domestic confirmation appeared at the point where the decrease trend continued and the vaccination rate increased, and it has been at the mercy of the coronavirus infection status and restrictions for the past two years. We can't say that convergence has been seen yet, but I still believe that if the world is united, a path will be created.

We will continue to meet the expectations of our customers with various Lamination Technologies such as labels, tapes, and films, and we will work together to develop as many SUN-TEC fans as possible.

We look forward to your continued patronage of SUN-TEC and SUN-TEC products in 2022.

January 2022 Ryoji Matsumoto

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Interview article is on 「Nennrin (年輪) Vol.140」(issued on August 10th, 2011)
L1. Off-line labeler
  L1-1. Smart labeler
  L1-3. Robot integration Multi system
      (prulal sheet)Labeler
L2. Label Printer・Winding integration machine
  L2-1. Printer integration Labeler
  L2-2. Printing inspection winding machine
  L2-3. Roboto integration printer
       Sealing integration labeler
L3. IC・RFID tag system
L4. Labeler for container
  L4-1. Multi form container Labler
  L4-2. Top face Labeler
  L4-3. Bottom face Labeler
  L4-4. Semi-Auto Syringe/Ample Labeler
  L4-5. POP Labeler
  L4-6. Auto Injector Labeler
L5. Carton laser maker system
  L5-1. Carton (bofore assemble)
      Carton laser maker system

  L5-2. Carton (after assemble)
      Carton laser maker system

L6. Carton sealing machine/Small box
  L6-1. Box sealing machine hybrid type
      (tape and label)
  L6-2. Collaborative robot integration
      Small container transfer system
  L6-3. Robot labeler box packing package
L7. Defect inspection labeler
L8. Packing system for Phermaceutical

L9. Packing systemu for Cosmetic industry
L10. Robot integration labeling machine
F1. Functional film lamination layer
    /protect film lamination system
  F1-1. Sheet to Sheet High Accuracy
      Lamination Machines
  F1-2. Roll to Sheet Lamination Machines
  F1-3. Multiple film lamination system
F2. Film lamination machine for medical
  F2-1. MPF-26S Sheet film lamination
      machine (□500)
  F2-2. Micro channel Sealing film lamination
F3. Flexible curved surface lamination machine
  F3-1. Multiple type Curved surface
      lamination machine with Robot
  F3-2. Compact Curved surface
      Film lamination machine
F4. Peeling machine (film and flex panel)
  F4-1. Drum type Peeling machine
  F4-2. Sepalator peeling machine 
  F4-3. De-lamination machine 
T1. Taping machine(no-liner winding)
  T1-1. Compact taping machine
    + Robot
  T1-2. Pre-cut taping machine
T2. Taping machine
      (with liner winding)
  T2-1. High accuracy Taping machine
  T2-2. Half cut Taping machine
  T2-3. Double arm robot Sponge
      taping machine
  T2-4. Long size Sponge taping
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