Company History
Year Month Company History
1976.1 ・Mitsuo Matsumoto founded SUN-TEC in Tachibana, Amagasaki, Hyogo pref.
1977.4 ・Incorporated SUN-TEC CO.,LTD.
1978 ・Delivered Air type, Roller type of label application machine.
・Developed and delivered cylinder type label applying machine (including label winding machine) of label application machine.
1979 ・Developed and delivered the First Polarizer lamination machine.
1980.4 ・Opened Tokyo office.
1981〜 ・Delivered Polarizer lamination machine for LCD panel (TN,STN types).
1985 ・Delivered CAM method high speed label application machine.
・Established Head quarter office and factory in current address(Inadera, Amagasaki)
・Established a subsidiary company SUN-MEC CO.,LTD (Parts manufacture).
1986 ・Developed and delivered Tape application machine.
1987 ・Developed and delivered Printer integrated label application machine.
・Developed Secret label for postcard lamination machine(PSL).
1988 ・Developed and delivered High speed campaign label application machine.
1989 ・Developed and delivered Double faced tape application machine.
1989.9 ・Opened Sendai Factory (Sendai,Kagoshima)as an attraction of enterprises of satsuma-sendai city
・SUN-MEC (Parts manufacture) started to operate in Sendai factory.
1991 ・Developed and delivered Full automation Polarizer lamination machine for LCD panel (TFT type).
1995 ・Developed and delivered Full automation tape application machine.
・Developed and delivered Special specification label application machine for medical fields.
1996 ・Developed and delivered Filter glass film lamination machine for Plasma TV panel.
・Developed and delivered No-liner label application machine.
1997 ・Developed and delivered Label application machine for Memory card.
1999 ・Developed and delivered Aluminum tape application machine for air bag for car.
2000 ・Developed and delivered Thermal OPT film label application machine for containers.
2001 ・Developed and delivered Heat-release sheet lamination machine for Plasma TV panel.
・Developed and delivered Tape application machine for solar array panel.
2002 ・Developed and delivered Full automation Polarizer lamination machine for Large size LCD panel.
2003 ・Developed and delivered exhaust gas filter application machine for automobiles.
・Developed and delivered DESICCANT application machine for OLED.
・Developed and delivered IC tag application machine.
・Obtained ISO9001 certification.
2004 ・Developed and delivered full automation Polarizer lamination machine for small/medium size LCD panel
2004.6 ・Established SUN-TEC AmericaLLC (Arizona, Scottsdale USA).
2004.12 ・Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd became a shareholder. new share subscription right
2006 ・Developed and delivered Rolled film lamination machine for LCD panel
2007 ・Obtained ISO14001 certification.
・Developed and delivered Special film transfer printing machine for automobile's glass.
2008 ・Developed and delivered E-paper production line machines.
・Selected one of "Vigorous Growth and Development of Independent 300 SMEs in Japan"by SMEs.(Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)
2009 ・20th anniversaries of the operation of Sendai factory
2010.03 ・Sendai factory 2nd site 6th factory completed.
2011.01 ・35th anniversaries of the foundation of Sun-Tec co.,ltd.
2012.01 ・Sendai factory 2nd site 7th factory completed.
2014.03 ・Ryoji Matsumoto appointed the president.
2017.04 ・Sendai factory 3nd site 8th and 9th factories completed.
2019.12 ・Operation closed SUN-TEC AmericaLLC (Arizona, Scottsdale USA)
Labeler (Air cylinder type)
Polarizer (Film) Lamination Machine
Printer Labeler
Taping Machine
Aluminum Taping Machine for Inflator of Automotive
Large Panel Film Lamination Machine
Rolled Film Lamination Machine
L1. Off-line labeler
  L1-1. Smart labeler
  L1-3. Robot integration Multi system
      (prulal sheet)Labeler
L2. Label Printer・Winding integration machine
  L2-1. Printer integration Labeler
  L2-2. Printing inspection winding machine
  L2-3. Roboto integration printer
       Sealing integration labeler
L3. IC・RFID tag system
L4. Labeler for container
  L4-1. Multi form container Labler
  L4-2. Top face Labeler
  L4-3. Bottom face Labeler
  L4-4. Semi-Auto Syringe/Ample Labeler
  L4-5. POP Labeler
  L4-6. Auto Injector Labeler
L5. Carton laser maker system
  L5-1. Carton (bofore assemble)
      Carton laser maker system

  L5-2. Carton (after assemble)
      Carton laser maker system

L6. Carton sealing machine/Small box
  L6-1. Box sealing machine hybrid type
      (tape and label)
  L6-2. Collaborative robot integration
      Small container transfer system
  L6-3. Robot labeler box packing package
L7. Defect inspection labeler
L8. Packing system for Phermaceutical

L9. Packing systemu for Cosmetic industry
L10. Robot integration labeling machine
F1. Functional film lamination layer
    /protect film lamination system
  F1-1. Sheet to Sheet High Accuracy
      Lamination Machines
  F1-2. Roll to Sheet Lamination Machines
  F1-3. Multiple film lamination system
F2. Film lamination machine for medical
  F2-1. MPF-26S Sheet film lamination
      machine (□500)
  F2-2. Micro channel Sealing film lamination
F3. Flexible curved surface lamination machine
  F3-1. Multiple type Curved surface
      lamination machine with Robot
  F3-2. Compact Curved surface
      Film lamination machine
F4. Peeling machine (film and flex panel)
  F4-1. Drum type Peeling machine
  F4-2. Sepalator peeling machine 
  F4-3. De-lamination machine 
T1. Taping machine(no-liner winding)
  T1-1. Compact taping machine
    + Robot
  T1-2. Pre-cut taping machine
T2. Taping machine
      (with liner winding)
  T2-1. High accuracy Taping machine
  T2-2. Half cut Taping machine
  T2-3. Double arm robot Sponge
      taping machine
  T2-4. Long size Sponge taping
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