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Film lamination machine for medical system

X-Ray film lamination machine

Ref ID:F2-1 MPF-26S V601

Special High accuracy lamination machine; especiall Digital flat panel detector(DFPD)
This is the good specification for lamenation scintillator plate(CsI or GOS) and TFT plate or CMOS sensor.

  • Standard Equipment : XY Axis Auto adjusting, Lamination Pressure Auto Digital Setting, Hood with Cleaning HEPA
  • Anti-static Ionizer, Panel drop protection system at blackout, LED illumination

Supplemental Specification ※This is a sample. Custom machine is available.
Adopted Performance DFPD production (DFPD, OCA, CSI, GOS lamination)
Accuracy +/-200μm (without Camera)  〜+/- 50 (with Camera)  
Tact 30 sec /□500 (Film to Rigid)
Work Loading Loading by hand
Machine Size L3,000 x W 1,400 X H2,125 (mm)
Work Size Max 500x500mm
Option Loading and Unloading: Robot / Inline
High Accuracy Laminating Vision System, Plate Lift Pin System, Separator Auto Peeling System, Heater Table/Rolelr, Vacuum Table Area Select System, Flat Lamination System,etc

Micro channel Film lamination machine

Ref ID:F2-2_AF12

Laminate a film that cut for specified length on loading plastic plate by hand

  • 1.Film length setting is possible to change on Touch Panel.
  • 2.Multiple type is available because of digital setting for Lamination length and position.

Supplemental Specification ※This is a sample. Custom machine is available.
Adopted Performance   Micro channel production Each film lamination
Accuracy +/- 0.5mm (without Camera)
Tact 6sec /sheet (depend on laminating length)
Work Loading Loading by hand
Machine Size L1100xW850xH820 (Desk top type)
Work Size 10" 〜 30"
Option Loading and Unloading:Inline / Robot
Index Work Loading
Work Auto Rotating System
High Accuracy Laminating Vision Sysytem

High accuracy Taping machine (← click)

Ref ID:T2-1

These are samples. Custom machine is available.
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L1. Off-line labeler
  L1-1. Smart labeler
  L1-3. Robot integration Multi system
      (prulal sheet)Labeler
L2. Label Printer・Winding integration machine
  L2-1. Printer integration Labeler
  L2-2. Printing inspection winding machine
  L2-3. Roboto integration printer
       Sealing integration labeler
L3. IC・RFID tag system
L4. Labeler for container
  L4-1. Multi form container Labler
  L4-2. Top face Labeler
  L4-3. Bottom face Labeler
  L4-4. Semi-Auto Syringe/Ample Labeler
  L4-5. POP Labeler
  L4-6. Auto Injector Labeler
L5. Carton laser maker system
  L5-1. Carton (bofore assemble)
      Carton laser maker system

  L5-2. Carton (after assemble)
      Carton laser maker system

L6. Carton sealing machine/Small box
  L6-1. Box sealing machine hybrid type
      (tape and label)
  L6-2. Collaborative robot integration
      Small container transfer system
  L6-3. Robot labeler box packing package
L7. Defect inspection labeler
L8. Packing system for Phermaceutical

L9. Packing systemu for Cosmetic industry
L10. Robot integration labeling machine
F1. Functional film lamination layer
    /protect film lamination system
  F1-1. Sheet to Sheet High Accuracy
      Lamination Machines
  F1-2. Roll to Sheet Lamination Machines
  F1-3. Multiple film lamination system
F2. Film lamination machine for medical
  F2-1. MPF-26S Sheet film lamination
      machine (□500)
  F2-2. Micro channel Sealing film lamination
F3. Flexible curved surface lamination machine
  F3-1. Multiple type Curved surface
      lamination machine with Robot
  F3-2. Compact Curved surface
      Film lamination machine
F4. Peeling machine (film and flex panel)
  F4-1. Drum type Peeling machine
  F4-2. Sepalator peeling machine 
  F4-3. De-lamination machine 
T1. Taping machine(no-liner winding)
  T1-1. Compact taping machine
    + Robot
  T1-2. Pre-cut taping machine
T2. Taping machine
      (with liner winding)
  T2-1. High accuracy Taping machine
  T2-2. Half cut Taping machine
  T2-3. Double arm robot Sponge
      taping machine
  T2-4. Long size Sponge taping
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