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Taping machines for various production sites! Flat surface tape application

■ Taping helps module producing process !!
There are varity of tape usage in production site. Sun-Tec makes it possible to apply tape automatically.
While tapes are stretchy and hard to apply vartically/horizlly, Sun-Tec has many experieces for applying various tapes for 35 years. So we will provide you solutions!

■ SPECIFICATION : Masking Tape Apply Machine
This machine applies tapes with removing liner. Tape lengths and positions are digitally set !

Masking Tape

Model ST-T2 Making Tape Application Machine
Application Apply Masking tape for flat surface work
Work size 140 x 150 mm
Takt time 15 sec / cycle
Accuracy Width direction:±0.25mm Feeding direction:±0.5mm

■ SPECIFICATION : Curved Surface Tape Apply Machine

■ Machine Summary ■

Apply tape to the circular work automatically . Various tapes(web or no-web) are available.
Curved surface tape apply machine

Model ST-T2 Curved Surface Tape Application Machine
Application Apply tape for pole shaped work
Takt 60 sec / cycle
Accuracy Width direction:±0.2mm Feeding direction:±0.5mm


・ All purpose
  labeling machine-desk top

・ Printer/laser maker
  integrated labeling machine

・ Robot integration labeling machine
・ Thermal film labeling machine
・ IC・RFID tag system
・ All round label labeling machine
・ Carton (before/after assemble)
  laser maker system

・ Carton sealing machine
・ Inspection labeling machine
・ Explosion-proof labeling machine
・ Syringe label labeling machine
・ SUN-TEC labeling machines
  for pharmaceutical industry
・ Sheet to Sheet
  Lamination Machines

・ Roll to Sheet
  Lamination Machines

・ Roll to Roll
  Lamination Machines
・ 1 Layer Tape Apply Machines:
  Masking, Polymid, CraftTape etc..

・ 2 Layers Tape Apply Machines:
  Cushion, Aluminum, Polyimide etc..

・ 3 Layers Tape Apply Machines:
  2 Liners, Double Side, OCA/PSA etc..

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