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Sun-tec Provides Labeling / Sealing Solutions For Phamaceutical Industry!
SUN-TEC offers best packing systems for pharmaceutical industry!
Since we produced a full round label apply machine for vial container first time 35 years ago, we have kept achieving pharmaceutical industries requests and receiving high evaluations. We are always making a customize machine only for your suitable specification and makes customer satisfaction.
Let us helping your factory's automation packing or labeling solution.

1. High accuracy and high speed labeling and taping!
High accuracy・high speed labeling/taping systems help your producing tact.

2. Various detection/ check unit can be selected!
Label check, placing accuracy check, prit check are available to easy check before product shipment.

3. Corespondent multiple products !
Multiple figure containers, multiple types labels can be handled with one machine!
SUN-TEC Labeling machines line-up for pharmaceutical industry
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■ Printer/Laser marking integrated label applying machine (including label winding machine) Printer/Laser marking integrated label applying machine (including label winding machine)

Printing / laser mark the information as necessary amount with integrated printer / Laser maker etc..It helps to reduce production cost and there are many options for printing and marking method.

■ All round label application machines for All round Label Application Machines

Machine applies label on specified position the containers that are delivering on conveyor with a certain pitch. Label printing with laser maker is also optional. Marking error is detecting with image processing system and NG product is discharged to outside of the line.

■ Carton laser maker system (before/after assemble) Carton laser maker system (before/.after assemble)

This machine takes cartons one by one from supply unit and camera detects painting area on the way to transferring.
  And camera feeds back the detected position data to the laser maker and fix the positions and marking characters or RSS/GS1 codes as pre-specified position.

■ Carton sealing machine Carton sealing machine

SUN-TEC provides you solutions for carton box assemble, information label attaching and and sealing the box.
The machine able to seal when the box is carrying on the conveyor and/or stopping

■ Syringe label application machine Syringe label application machine

This machine attaches label to around the syringe/ample surface automatically.
Basically, the loading and unloading are by humans hands yet those also can be automatic.
The machine can be integrated with laser maker, hot printer or thermal stamper.


・ All purpose
  labeling machine-desk top

・ Printer/laser maker
  integrated labeling machine

・ Robot integration labeling machine
・ Thermal film labeling machine
・ IC・RFID tag system
・ All round label labeling machine
・ Carton (before/after assemble)
  laser maker system

・ Carton sealing machine
・ Inspection labeling machine
・ Explosion-proof labeling machine
・ Syringe label labeling machine
・ SUN-TEC labeling machines
  for pharmaceutical industry
・ Sheet to Sheet
  Lamination Machines

・ Roll to Sheet
  Lamination Machines

・ Roll to Roll
  Lamination Machines
・ 1 Layer Tape Apply Machines:
  Masking, Polymid, CraftTape etc..

・ 2 Layers Tape Apply Machines:
  Cushion, Aluminum, Polyimide etc..

・ 3 Layers Tape Apply Machines:
  2 Liners, Double Side, OCA/PSA etc..

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