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■ Robot System Integrator
Sun-Tec is a member of "FA&Robot System Integrator Association(Japan)" We will propose you "Robot Integrated lamination/ taping/ Labeling System as per your need. Robot integrated system makes much more flexible process.
3. Robot integration label applying system

■ Machine Summary ■

Robot is able to paste labels where it is hard to access. The robot hand has vacuum pads and picks up labels and paste to specified position.
Robot integration label applying system
Reference Specification
Machine name Robot hands labeling system
Application Printer prints labels and the robot hand picks up the label and pastes to specified position.
Work Example: Engine block, Lumber, Steel product, Braun tube etc..
Label size Width direction:65mm Feed direction:70mm
Attaching accuracy Width direction:±2.0mm Feed direction:±2.0mm
Takt time 8sec
Supply power 3Φ 220V 50/60Hz
Pneumatic pressure 0.4Mpa
Vacuum Ejector method
LD/UL In-line


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