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ROLL TO SHEET lamination machines R2S Series

Roll to Sheet lamination Demo machine is available!

■ R2S series Roll to Sheet Lamination Demo Machine Is Available ! ■

Sun-Tec's Roll to Sheet lamination machines have been used in major consumer- electronics makers and most-advanced displays manufactures in all over the world and we have been had high reputations.
And a Roll to Sheet lamination demo machine is available now!
Please ask us more details!

Roll to Sheet Lamination Machine
Model: R2S-G3.5G-PL-CV

■ Machine overview ■

Laminate a sheet on glass and the sheet is feeding from roll.
Feeding film and laminating and cutting film are operated automatically. And it reduce TAKT time and cost drastically.
And we also achieved HIGH ACCURACY lamination +/- 50 micron!

Application:Various kinds of optical film (OCA),AR film and AF film etc. laminate on panel.

1.Reduce Takt time and running cost drastically!
The process speed improves greatly by feeding the film and transporting of the glass concurrently. And the running cost can be reduced by using original rolled film compared with cut sheet.

2.Reduce particle contamination!

Particle contamination is reduced because liner is removing with laminating so the exposure of adhesive side is very minimum.

3.Half cut and Side slitter
SUN-TEC original cutting technique achieves precise film cut. The optional side slitter can cut the width direction of predetermined size at the same time of the lamination process.

Our Roll to Sheet machines have been using many display production sites in the world.
INLINE and OFFLINE both specification are available. And heat lamination specification is also available.

Roll to Sheet Lamination Machine

Specification Model:R2S-12S-V-C
TAKT Time 4 sec/ 3〜5" 5sec/7〜12"
Actual past record size 15" 〜 60"
Accuracy +/- 50μm
Compressed air 0.5Mpa
Vacuum Factory vacuum or vacuum pump
Loading/Unloading INLINE/OFF-LINE

Roll to Sheet Lamination Machine

Specification Model:R2S-50S-CV
TAKT Time 10 sec/ 40"
Actual past record size 15" 〜 60"
Accuracy +/- 1mm
Compressed air 0.5Mpa
Vacuum Factory vacuum or vacuum pump
Loading/Unloading INLINE/OFF-LINE


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