Management Principle
 Provide the highest quality machines and services that delight our customers
Operating Policy
 To keep our customers trust, we keep continue developing challenging mind and high ability.
Managerial Goal
 Keep prosperity with good cooperation of our customers, business partners and our employees.
At the beginning of every new year, we post a word on our wall (Kanji character) to focus on for the year.
This year 2019 we chose 『Move』- which means "Move".

■ Message from The President ■■■

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you in the previous year. We look forward to continued success together in the upcoming New Year.
Each year Sun-Tec selects one Kanji character at the beginning of the New Year as our focus. This year we selected the character 動 (DO)= “Move”.
There is a word that if you stay still, you will not get lost, but you will become a just stone if you do nothing." It is important to keep moving oneself and seeking to make good change. If you have time to think negative, act something for getting positive results, I believe that you will open the way. Even if the environment changes dramatically, we need to propose and produce machines which respond to customer's expectations, So we have no time to stay still and keep moving forward.
Thank you for Sun-Tec machine users. We will continue to devote with full effort for good machine and good service to you.

January 2019 Ryoji Matsumoto



・ All purpose
  labeling machine-desk top

・ Printer/laser maker
  integrated labeling machine

・ Robot integration labeling machine
・ Thermal film labeling machine
・ IC・RFID tag system
・ All round label labeling machine
・ Carton (before/after assemble)
  laser maker system

・ Carton sealing machine
・ Inspection labeling machine
・ Explosion-proof labeling machine
・ Syringe label labeling machine
・ SUN-TEC labeling machines
  for pharmaceutical industry
・ Sheet to Sheet
  Lamination Machines

・ Roll to Sheet
  Lamination Machines

・ Roll to Roll
  Lamination Machines
・ 1 Layer Tape Apply Machines:
  Masking, Polymid, CraftTape etc..

・ 2 Layers Tape Apply Machines:
  Cushion, Aluminum, Polyimide etc..

・ 3 Layers Tape Apply Machines:
  2 Liners, Double Side, OCA/PSA etc..

・ Company overview
・ Location
・ Greeting from the president
・ Company history
・ Contact and support information